Charlotte Someone

Synths - Drum Programmer - Composer : Akg Hames

Lyrics & Vocals : Lokka Vox

In summer 2014 formed Charlotte Someone was originated by a large amount of forgotten demo materials in the drawer and the musical passion. The band's original name was supposed to be Charlotte Sometimes by the song of British band The Cure, but at the last minute, the name became the mysterious Charlotte Someone. After numerous styles and bands it was time to take a long-term dream of own music production which modern technology & software in home studio will permit. Punk, new wave, rock and synth pop became familiar over the years, for example in such bands as the St. Michel S/S, Carnage Visors (The Cure's song also), the most recent Melancholy OverDose. Hames tells the current style to be SynthWave or DarkWave. 

The musical vision of Charlotte Someone began to form slowly
when Hames's demo songs found a South African female singer Lokka Vox in November 2014.
Hames contacted Vox and approached her for co-operation. The interest was mutual and so began a common
composition and production project of two musicians in two different continents. Lokka Vox is known as a music maker in her own home country as also elsewhere in the world, thanks to co-operation with several international artists.
A one-man band has no intention of doing solitary musician's final song, but the aim is to continue with the guest musicians and singers the publishing activities actively. New partners can be found in abundance from abroad, as well as home country. Co-operation with Lokka Vox will continue for at least another four-song extent.
The first CS / LV single "Closure" was released in February 2015, and it has been widely received good and positive reactions. On 13 March published EP with three songs "Eyes Like Volcaones In The Night" is a clear continuation of the above-mentioned Closure single.