Clayfeet is a synth based alternative pop trio from Budapest, Hungary, formed in 2013. Their gloomy yet uplifting music is characterised by the distinctive, smooth female voice. Influences on Clayfeet include the heritage of the classic 80's new wave acts as well as bands of today's synth pop and electronic pop revival.

Their first EP Inbetween released in July 2014 and is available for download and stream from all major digital music stores like iTunes and streaming service providers from Spotify to Deezer.

"...both sombre, yet colourful (...) and it’s quite an intriguing fusion of sounds" 
"...produced well and the layers between deep bass-filled sounds are peppered with intricate higher notes, which create a sense of depth within the music, something which goes very well with Babra’s deep and emotive vocal style."
"Inbetween EP is has been put together well and feels like it has very genuine songs..." 
"...hazed in a dark-sounding honesty"

"...gorgeous vocals over a soft indie-electro beat..."

"Their heritage and innovative laziness will drop them like a naked fish onto the stages of Shoreditch. The curious eye can discover the zagging maverick in their downstream but culturally attuned talent. I am here to be there when they hit."