Dim Zach went to high school in Thessaloniki.Attending Tech College, Dim became a regular at downtown Techno and made his name as a DJ on the Thessaloniki club scene in 1990. T hough a novice with little experience, he became known for his diverse, genre-spanning selection. Influenced by electro pop , scene of Thessaloniki and the more dance influence of the Germany (all of which he incorporated in his sets) he attracted a wider audience. He was soon one of the most respected DJs and was being called on for private parties. In 1995, Dim was featured with many artists worldwide.He moved on, however, to producing music after Adriano Darrel , manager heard one of his gigs and introduced the musicians. He produced songs for Cuban and Italian and Greek artists.
A Greek electropop duo comprising George Begas and Dimos Zachariadis hailing from the Hellenic art capital Thessaloniki, LIEBE released their debut album ‘Club Royal’ in 2010 on Planetworks/Universal and released their second album ‘Somewhere in Time’ on Undo/Emi in 2012,the third Album "Airport" released on Hawaii records in 2013. Their sound really does hark back to somewhere in time when Giorgio Moroder and Bobby Orlando were models of dancefloor cool, sitting on that difficult bridge between pastiche and post-modern. Brilliant songs such as "Models" ‘Strangers’, and ‘Flamingo Nights’ all highlight the pairing’s love of synthpop and Italo, both much maligned music forms in the eyes of hipsters. But whatever retrospective tendencies LIEBE have, what George Begas and Dim Zach do is fun, melodic and danceable but with a tinge of melancholy. The song ‘I Believe In You’  has been gaining traction on MTV Europe!

LIEBE are proud to announce the release of their fourth studio album titled ' Revolution of Love'

You can pre-order it from iTunes

Bio courtesy of  Thanos Avra