Member : Romain Frequency

Romain deems himself a synth tamer, analog fetishist & arpeggio afficionado, The Amylnitrate-Disko producer Electrosexual merges primitive analogic electronic music with original avant-hard sophisticated programming. 

Introduced as one of the "coolest musicians in Berlin" by the Ex-Berliner magazine, Electrosexual is a passionate and singular artist who mixes styles, identities and genres.

‭He releases his first 12 vinyl with vocals by Peaches and several EP’s on his own record Label. Electrosexual performs in Europe: from Amsterdam’s Paradiso to Paris’ La Machine from Prague’s Chapeau Rouge to Berlin’s Berghain.
He remixed‭ ‬Ssion,‭ ‬Dead Sexy Inc,‭ ‬Noblesse Oblige.‭ ‬His trilogy EP,‭ ‬Demolition,‭ ‬Discolition et‭ ‬Devolution,‭ ‬were reviewed by the French electronic magazine‭ ‬Tsugi as‭ «‬retro futuristic bombs‭»‬.

Already supported & Charted by Laurent Garnier, The Hacker, Acid Washed, Alexander Robotnick, Slam, Hard Ton, Panteros666, Christopher Kah, Equitant, Yasmin Gate Plastique De Rêve... , Tempelhof announces Electrosexual’s debut album Art Support Machine to be released in April. 13 songs themed after machines, androids and music beeing the interface for their identity. 2 songs will feature the vocal participations from Hard Ton (Gigolo) & Hanin Elias (formerly of Atari Teenage Riot)

April, 2016 sees the release of his new single 'I'm Your Machine' which includes remixes from the electronic giants Abberline, Museum & Antoni Maiovvi  available from the outlets below


The track is taken from the forthcoming album 'Art Support Machine' due for release on May 3rd 2016.