Olivier RENNESSON (Composer, Synth, Vocals, Guitar) / 
 Estelle FLAUJAT  (Author, Vocals, Synth) / 
Steve BOUDOUX (Guitar)
Helix Pulsar was born in Nantes early 2014 from the encounter between Olivier Rennesson, from Shiny Darkness, musician and composer, influenced by the sythpop / electropop world... and "La Belle Etoile", a multi-faceted artist who's a Gospel, Jazz & Folk singer and also a graphic designer.
Their artistic collaboration started with a few lyrics ideas she had in mind and his strong will to put them in music... Their project was to have some fun creating together and composing with their busy private lives... 
Note by note, pulse by pulse, they were exposing their scars, facing their demons and writing their story...
To add some "rock" to their new-wave vibes, they welcomed Steve, a guitarist influenced by Joe Satriani, late Spring 2015.
A set and an album with touches of electro pop rock was born: Beyond The Wall!