Q&A With H of Spacebuoy

JUNE 2013


1. How and when did Spacebuoy form?

H.. Formed properly by late 2010 after a phone call from Jez. We then spent 6 months working out out how and what we wanted to do.


2. If I said you have a similar set up as The Sparks as in one
looks serious and the other is more outgoing, Would you agree and was that look planned or did it just happen?

H.. No it wasn't planned, it just came out that way. I think everyone likes to put music into a boxed category so comparisions are always going to happen. Saying that, The Sparks aren't a bad comparison in my book!


3. You recently performed in a record shop in Lille, France as part of i-synth I. How did you find the experience?

H.. Loved it! Amazing, extremely emotional and very humbling at the same time. To see so many special people enjoying not only Spacebuoy but all the music at i-Synth (Shiny Darkness and Tenek + DJ's Rob Harvey and Dave Charles) was something extraordinary that leaves me without words.


4. I find your stage presence very entertaining, Have you based that persona on any particular act/person or is this just H?

H.. It's based on you Andy! Seriously, it's just me ... it's a simple as that. We are passionate about our live performances as we believe it's the least we can do to give something back to the audience who I always feel a close and honest connection with. It's a fabulous feeling.


5. The 'Breathe' EP was recently released as a download and then appeared in France on CD. That must have been a good feeling signing your own CDs

H.. Indeed it was a new and strange experience but very enjoyable. We met some wonderful people, friends both old and new appreciating our music which is the highest compliment we can receive.


6. If you could be a support act for any act/band. Who would you want to support?

H.. I'd love to support Erasure again but from a purely personal perspective supporting either Suede or The Pixes would hit the spot for me.


7. You recently wrote that Johnny Rotten is your idol. I can hear vocal similarities on Breathe. Was that intentional?

H.. He is certainly one of them. I feel influences will naturally come out in the music you produce whether it's a conscious thing or not. I have a more alternative twist to that of Jez and it works well for us. We're totally happy with our sound.


8. I personally would like to see Spacebuoy doing more gigs. Have you any in the pipeline?

H.. Yes, watch this space.


9. You supported Erasure – Wow! Did you have to pinch yourselves when you were asked?

H.. They were special moments, both Bristol and Blackpool. I didn't really think about it too much at the time and we were totally unknown. I was concentrating on enjoying the whole expeirence which I can say I most definitely did.


10. What next for Spacebuoy? New Tracks? Etc..

H.. Certainly new tracks to release later in the year, more gigs and more of everything orange!

Thanks H :)



Gallery Pix Courtesy of LEE JENKINS


                                          CULTURA RECORD STORE, LILLE, FRANCE