Q. Welcome to Revival Synth Steve & Mark. How long have you been making music together?
A. Mark..We Started in 1988 For a few years in a synth band with another friend but lost touch up until 2011 & just bassically started recording again with a better approach than when we were in our teens ;-)
Q. How do you both approach writing songs?
A. Mark.. I get a vibe for a song and work on the first 24 bars and see how it sounds , then i run it by Stevie and if he likes it he works on lyrics and we see were it goes from there .
(Stevie) What he said lol ;-)
Q. How would you describe your sound and who are your influences?
A. Electronic , Dark at times , melodic , and electro-pop
Influences are (Mark) Howard Jones , Depeche Mode , Ultravox , Nik Kershaw , Human League Also Love Lots Of R&B 80’s Style
(Stevie) Depeche Mode , Japan , Spandau Ballet , Tears For Fears , Anything From Rock to Soul. 
Q. Mark, Is it true you produce for other artists and who are they?
A. Mark.. Ive done all Production for Geoff Mull also a couple of tracks for Jamie Lee Harrison and a Mix on “Live Not Die” for  Eurasianeyes  just to name a few ;-).
Q. You recently came up with the name GLYDA, Why GLYDA?
A. Mark & Stevie.. It's a bit of a geek answer and very simple , but its the Glide control on an analog synth that gave us the idea so we just extended the name a bit haha.
Q. Thanks for the brilliant new track 'Walk Away', will this be your first official release?
A. Mark & Stevie...Yes It’s our First Single under the name Glyda ! 
But as you know we have done 3 Original songs called “Worthy” , “Holy” & The Bell of Hope
The Covers We have Worked on Are “Mr Blue” By Yazoo & Hit the Window By The Nameless Girl .
Q. There's a lot of 'Gahan Influences' in your vocal Steve?
A. Stevie...Yeah a lot of people have said this but Its not something i try For , Its just my Voice !.
I suppose your own personal influences play a part when your growing up but it is 100% my own way of singing and if you listen to the songs I do all the backing vocals as well so it’s a good mixture of high an low tones so I suppose that’s due to all my influences growing up and not just down to one ;-)
Q. Is the track 'Walk Away' from a forthcoming album?
A. Mark & Stevie... We are working on an EP at the moment which may include “Walk Away”  but still deciding as we have other tracks in the making !
Q. Any plans for playing live?
A. Stevie & Mark...Not at the moment , we are still finding our place in the scene at the moment ! so just concentrating on Material & Recording 
Q. You attend quite a few events on the electronic circuit, how would you describe the scene at the moment?
A. Stevie... It’s very varied with a wide range covering every aspect for the Electronic/Synth fan from Dark Wave to SynthPop, so in my opinion it’s a very exciting time to be part of it.
Q. You recently recorded a track for charity for someone connected to Revival Synth ;-) ?
A. Stevie & Mark...Hahaha yeh we did for Mr Andy Jay (YOU) and it’s called The Bell Of Hope for The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital ;-)
Q. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions guys. Is there anything you would like to add?
A. Stevie & Mark...We would just like to say a massive thank you to Andy Jay for his continuing support for us, a lovely fella, a great friend and a great ambassador for the scene in so many ways. Andy Jay, Johnny Normal, Dave Charles, Wayne Evans, Paul Randall, Jason Older, Rob Harvey and many more DJ’s and websites that play and post not just ours but everybody’s music in the scene.