Q. The band formed in 2007, but you weren't part of the original line up, how and when did you become lead singer of Hot Pink Abuse?

Rebecca : It was in 2010 that I met Vitor and Geraldo. They were looking for a lead singer and they’ve found me.

After a while we started to compose a few songs.


Q. Who came up with the name Hot Pink Abuse?

Rebecca : The name already existed when I entered the band. I believe it came up with Vitor and Geraldo. It’s a name that represents the style of music with often do.

Vitor : It came up with me and Geraldo after a “brainstorming”. Doesn’t have a special symbology. It's just a name / expression that we think suits the sound that we have. We can see on the name a more pop concept, plastic, colorful and simultaneously a more rock side, organic, dark.


Q. The band consists of yourself, Vitor, Geraldo & Ricardo, did you experiment with different sounds/genres until you were all happy with the HPA sound?

 Rebecca : The concept of the band and its sound “electronic pop” came along with Vitor and Geraldo. Me and Ricardo were invited to join afterwards.
Of course each of us has different backgrounds and gave a twist to the style and sound till it was good enough for all of us.
So now we can say we are all happy with the final songs.


Q. Who writes the songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

Vitor : The development of our creative process and composition is shared. Each of us has an active role on the songwriting. The main themes of our songs are the human relationships, love, real situations which we live, experiences and also fictional contexts.


Q. What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

Vitor : Online music sharing is a great way to disseminate, promote music and give visibility to the work of the artists worldwide. Yes, we already offered our music for free for promotion, to give to know our work, to thank the people who have been supporting us.


Q. Who are your musical influences?
Rebecca : I have several influences from different genders.
PJ Harvey is my favourite composer.
but at the moment I have been listening to
Interpol, Arcade Fire, AIR, Depeche Mode, Warpaint, and so on...

Vitor : Are several and from different genres but i can highlight Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, OMD, Jean Michel Jarre, Human League, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Joy Division, Röyksopp, The Cure, Goldfrapp, J.S Bach among many others...


Q. You were born in London and you are now based in Portugal, was it planned to move there and front a band?

Rebecca : Even though I was born in London, at the age of two I moved to Portugal; my mother is Portuguese so we’ve moved to her home town. So it really wasn’t my plan to change countries.
In my life things usually happen by chance or by certain moments, and so it happened with the band. I love this kind of “unknown paths” - what a great title for a new music!


Q. Hot Pink Abuse have two albums under their belt already, Nowadays 2009 and Sinuosity 2012 , I hear the 3rd studio album is in the pipeline?

Rebecca : That’s correct. We are now working in our 3rd album. Writing and composing new songs for 2015.


Q. I've heard the two previous albums, how will the new album differ from them both?

Rebecca : The 1st and 2nd album are already different from each other. I think we are now trying to compose and structure “simple” but also electronic catchy songs.

Q. You're signed to Goldfish Records and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the way the team promote their artists. Who is the mastermind behind the label?

Rebecca : We are working with Masta Huda, that has been a great part of HPA’s evolution. We are very grateful for all the work done and his commitment.

Vitor : Masta Huda is the great “architect” (among many other things) of the label. With him the band develop a close and regular team work. Each of us contributes in different ways for promotion and for the outcome.


Q. Going back to the promo, you must be very impressed with all the airplay and the way you have been received in the UK?

Rebecca : It has been amazing. Our sound “travels the world and seven seas”.

In the UK we are having also a lot of support. I have to mention Dave Charles radio show, which whom I spoke recently, that has lots of followers throughout the world. (for this HPA would also like to especially thank to all the radio presenters and djs, promoters and supporters like you Andy Jay, Rob Harvey, Johnny Normal, Andrew Skerat Kennedy, Sonia Electra, Luciano Oliveira, Paul Randall, Dean Clarke, Eli Pierce, Simon Brett, Paul Griffin, Rusty Egan, Jeff Appleton, Grég Warum, Jason Older, Gary Taylor, Almark Tholen, Tracy Perry, Izzie Kirk, PK Soulsby, Oren Amram, Derek Anthony Williams, Bynar, Shaun Kelly,  Mark Deamhan , Barbara Moser, Galina Kurova and to all who somehow support what we do)


Q. I've seen some of your live footage and you are a brilliant live band, any tour plans for this year outside of Portugal?
Rebecca : At the moment we don’t have anything planned, but that’s our idea. With the 3rd album ready we hope to also go abroad and play all around.


Q. What music outside of HPA has caught your attention?

Vitor : Fortunately I have known and heard very good music. This also due to the radio shows where our music is played. Whenever I can I hear it live or then in podcast. There are so many good examples like Vile Electrodes, New Neon, Meter Bridge, Empathy Test, EMT, Vague Notion, Sinestar, Shelter, Analog Angel, Heliophile, Train to Spain, Spacebuoy, Eurasianeyes, Eminent Sol, Austra, and I could go on...

Q. Finally, Thank You for taking time out to answer the questions and good luck with the album release. Is there anything you would like to add?

Rebecca : Thank you so much for your interest! We really appreciate a lot.
I want also to thank to all of our followers that have been really supportive and an inspiration to move on.

Vitor : Thank you Andy for all the work you do promoting the electronic/ synth music scene. I hope that soon we can have some live gigs in the UK.

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