Q&A With Lunar Twin
Christopher Murphy ~ Bryce Boudreau
Q. Welcome to Revival Synth Chris & Bryce. Could you give us a brief history about Lunar Twin, how and when did it all begin?
 Chris - Thanks! It all began many moons ago.  On a NightSweats tour to Colorado, Bryce and I met and eventually decided to collaborate on some musical ideas.  At first it was just a small project, but since it has become my main musical outlet.  I'm definitely happy with where our sound is headed.  
Bryce - Thanks!  I met Chris thru Nightsweats the band he was in a with two of my closest friends.  I had the luck to hear some demos Chris did by himself after nightsweats broke up and approached  him about working together we wrote metroplex a few days later October 31, 2013.
Q. You released your critically acclaimed self titled EP in November 2014, I know it's not uncommon these days but is it true you both recorded the music and vocals for the EP in seperate locations?
Chris -This is true.  We have yet to record in the same space.  It adds a lot to the dynamics of our tracks.  We can each explore ideas without being directly influenced by each other.  I think that's why it works so well, we can each have more creative control.  
Bryce - yes it wasn't planned like that it just happened that way , due to geography and when we were ready to record the songs we found we were not in Los Angeles and felt that wasn't a barrier to achieving what we thought could be a possibility.  
Q. The video for 'Champagne' was shot in different locations but you don't appear on it, what was the reason behind that?
Chris - We each recorded footage from thousands of miles away, mainly of our adventures and the places we've seen.  This was then given to our friend and  Director Jayson Valencia who added his own touch to it.  He did a great job and we're very happy with the outcome.  It really tells the story through visualization.  
Bryce - We don't appear in the video but we did shoot the footage and felt this song should be portrayed without us being present.  Just the song and the visuals of the environments we were inhabiting at that moment .
Q. Can you simplify the term "a dreamworld of subtle light, along with growth and decay, and photosynthesis"?
Chris -The ebb and flow of the universe.  
Bryce - Yin/Yang. 
Q. All bands have their influences and they get labelled with the same tag, but to me, you have taken your influences such as Numan and Joy Division and blended them into your own unique sound, were you experimenting with different sounds to achieve that?
Chris -  I think we always like to experiment with different types of sounds and just let ideas flow.  We definitely have a love of all types of music which can seep into our creative process.  
Bryce -thanks  we just try and be open minded and and just let the process of the songs creation happen on its own we are more or less just the Channel for this energy
Q. To those who know of Lunar Twin, it's no secret that you are interested in theories about the earth and the moon, do you base your songwriting process around those theories?
Chris - Not necessarily, although our songs our heavily influenced by nature.  I do have an interest in space and the unknown which plays a part in certain tracks I've made.  
Bryce - Mabey a tiny bit.  We really don't think about it much.
Q. Champagne was remixed by 7 other artists, what did you enjoy about their interpretations of the track?
Chris - I just love how everyone is different and you can kind of get to know someone without ever meeting them.  It's like a small glimpse into their soul.  
Bryce -I loved hearing good friends like Ummagma and total strangers who became our friends like Statikman reassemble the song to pertain to their worldview.
Q. I hear you are finishing off another EP due for release this year?
Bryce - yes we are in the studio in Hawaii and Salt Lake City now finishing the new record it's 6 new songs and is due to be Mixed and Mastered by us in Los Angeles by mid summer for release 
Chris - it will be done this summer.  
Q. What can we expect from the new EP, Is it a set of tracks from a possible album?
Bryce - yes the ep is an expansion of what we have done so far as we go further down this path into the unknown. 
Chris - Yes, we're trying to realize an album and have the songs mesh from start to finish. 
Q. Have you received any interest from Record Labels?
Bryce - so far we have worked with Emerald & Doreen Records in Berlin Germany, Lunar Industries in Los Angeles (our imprint), and appeareded on compilation releases on Gonzo Circus, Mind the Gap Records in Brussels Belgium and Patetico Recordings in Philadelphia, USA.
Chris - We're hoping for some more interest as we continue. 
Q. There is so much brilliant music out there that often goes unheard, and many artists/bands come and go because of the lack of airplay etc.. What methods do you use to get yourselves noticed?
 Chris  - Our publicist Shauna Mc Larnon at Toronto's Shameless Promotion PR does a lot for getting us noticed, she's really good at building connections and getting us out there.  We also have had the awesome help of our European ally Marc Keijers who runs Indie Pop Ups in Utrecht Netherlands also thanks to everyone at Revival Synth. 
Bryce - We are grateful so many kind folks have helped us and supported us like you and the members of Revival Synth 
Joe Foster Creation Records ~ Shauna Mc Larnon our Publicist In Toronto Canada ~ Marc Kejiers at indie pop ups in Utrecht Netherlands ~ Del Chaney in Dublin Ireland ~ Sonia Llobet in Girona Spain ~  Jonathan L in Berlin Germany 
Derek at Doncaster Electric FoundationJohnny Normal ~ Andrew Skerat ~ Synthopia in Australia  ~ Jen Dan and Alex Green at Stereo Embers in Berkley California 
Greg Wilson at DecayFm In Fresno California 
and too many to mention here. 
Thanks again for including us Aloha!!
Q. Any plans to tour this year?
Chris - No plans yet, but you never know.  
Bryce - not yet but our friends from British Colombia  Jill and Richards band Meter Bridge are playing ElectroLondon Festival this year and that makes us want to tour there that much more.
Thanks guys! More links will be added to this page when your new tracks are released. All The Best.
Revival Synth Short Review : Put your headphones on, sit back, close your eyes and go on an atmospheric journey with this great EP. It gives a feel that your feet are being brushed by ambient waves on a summers evening, and then it takes you in to the hustles and bustles of city nightlife but you find solace in a busy discoteque and awake the following morning dragging your heels through an empty street wanting to return to the feel of the ambient waves.
5/5 *****