Martyn Bailey

 Hi Martyn, I’ll start off with ‘Congratulations’ to you and your wife Natasha on the birth of your baby boy Kalen.

Q. For those who don’t know Martyn Bailey, How would you describe yourself?

Hi Andy… hmm okay, I would say a down to earth guy that is always looking for the next laugh and I have to say I am one of life’s big dreamers… always in a world of my own. I also have to say I hate injustice, there is a lot of bad stuff happening in the world and would love for it to be put right…

Q. 2013 brought ‘Red Sky Supernova’ and the APT album ‘Energy, Light & Darkness’. What have you in store for 2014?

I’ve been busy working on the next solo album and adding a new addition to the family… thanks for the congratulations by the way J

This next album I am extremely excited about, it’s going to be quite something!

Q. DOLLS is the new album, Is it a follow on from ‘Red Sky Supernova’ or does it take us on a new musical journey?

‘Dolls’ is not a follow on from ‘Red Sky Supernova’ no but the style is there because it is the next chapter of my works and songwriting. This album has a whole new entity of it’s own, it’s about fears, love and relationships. The title track has two meanings: I was scared of dolls as a child, the old fashioned ones with china faces and cracks etc… and then the other meaning is a beautiful woman with a face of  a doll that always gets what she wants so you need to tread careful or you could get hurt… This album is a lot edgier and harder but at the same time more catchy and commercial with some atmospheric dreamscape tunes thrown in like on the Red Sky album. So it’s very much a Martyn Bailey album and a natural follow on to Red Sky Supernova

Q. You use the word emotional to describe the album. Is it the journey you’ve been on in the past 12 months that have brought the emotions on to the album?

Some songs I suppose but others no, some have been written for a few years and they’ve  come back, I’ve dusted them off and re-written slightly. I have been listening heavily to Coldplay, Lana Del Rey, White Lies, Keane, and Hurts during the writing process of this album so they have had a big impact on the sound of this album. Along with my famous 4 that will be forever in my music… A-ha, Depeche Mode, U2 and Simple Minds J

Q. TEN is the new single from the album, Why TEN?

Ten is the new single simply because it is catchy as hell and people will love it…well, I hope so! Also I wrote it to help my daughter count from1-10 so it has a special meaning for me…she was 2 when I wrote it! I’m thinking about releasing it with all proceeds going to charity as it’s a song about trying to be better people towards each other… life is short and you only get one!

Q. Do you think DOLLS is the album you’ve always wanted to put out or do you think Martyn Bailey has a hidden gem still waiting to burst out?

So far I am so lucky as I feel this way about everything I release, I’m so proud to have got Red Sky Supernova out there last year, that album went down so great and still people are hearing it for the first time and loving it. This song will be a gem and I hope you will soon agree in the coming months! I’m writing material all the time and album 3 is starting to be worked out, but I will have a break after this one as I also have a new Apt album with Jon Russell coming out some time in the new year!

Q. You are producing a video for TEN and you are looking for friends/fans to participate, would you like to give some more detail?

Yes that’s right Andy and I will be putting info up on Facebook and sending messages to those lucky or unlucky ones I would like to participate. It’s just a bit of fun really…

Q. Are there any plans to work with Jon Russell aka Jonteknik again?

Yes a new Apt album is scheduled for the new year… 2015 and very excited aboutJ

Q. I have to mention your band The Channel. Have they moved on without you or are they patiently waiting on the return of their lead vocalist?

The Channel are still going as a covers band and rocking out in local pubs and clubs when we get time… there will be an album one day as Jol the guitarist and I have written some songs and reckon we’ve got enough for an album… so one day!

Q. You played ‘The Electro Vault’ last month (June) with Kira, Modovar & EMT. Good Night?

It was an incredible night and so great to meet a lot of people I’ve met on FB through my music and of course the radio shows I’ve been played on. Kira and EMT and Modovar were all lovely and I hope we can play together again. I learnt a lot about my first solo performance and can’t wait to do more shows!

Q. Have you any more live gigs lined up?

This is a work in progress and I am also planning a DOLLS album launch night in Brighton where I am going to invite other acts to join me – watch this space!

Q. It’s a busy circuit at the moment and so many acts want the same thing, Are you happy with where you are just now?

Yeah I’m happy but I’m determined to get that record deal Andy!

Q. Once again Martyn, Thank You for taking part and is there anything I may have missed that you would like to add?

Just want to add that the support I have got from fellow artists in this close electronic group is phenomenal and forever inspiring. Jon Russell aka Jonteknik, Gijs, Markus, Tony Blue, Kira, Ema Walters, Ian Wall, Susan Ryder Paget, Rob Harvey, Karen and Rob Buxton, Phil Marsh, Bill Davies, Andy Skerat, Johnny Normal, Sonia Electra, and so many more! Thank you so much from the very heart of me, you give me the power to do more and more xx Thanks Andy again to your good self for being a powerhouse promoter for us all -  you’re a wonderful soul x All the best to you!

Thanks Martyn