Q&A With Meter Bridge

The Meter Bridge demos posted on Sound Cloud have gathered attention from promoters and music aficionados in the international synthpop scene. I travelled all the way to Canada and fought off bear attacks to interview this lovely couple ( I didn't really) but here goes....


Q. Hi Jill & Richard. Please briefly introduce yourselves.
A.We are Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu from Meter Bridge, a postpunk inspired synth duo from Nelson, BC.


Q. You are a husband and wife team, Do you both share the same musical tastes and who are your influences?
A.  We do share the same musical interests.  We became fast friends when we first met because of it!  Inspirations include favorites like Brian Eno, The Knife, Hot Chip and Matthew Dear.  We love , The Human League, Joy Division, New Order and Magazine.  Industrial bands like The Normal, Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle.  We also have the unexpected love for classic country, UK blues and cow/folk punk.

Q. You have suddenly emerged from the wilderness, How long have you been Meter Bridge?
A.We have been writing and recording since 2011.  Previously, Richard had contributed to several music projects as a guitar /synth player and collaborator.  Jill has explored performance and community support with a lead role in vocal interactive groups.

Q. Looking at your Facebook page, you say you want to produce 'intelligent melodic dance music' Could you clarify that description?
A.  We endeavour to create expanded lyrical themes with a visual concept.  The music should create a cinematic experience in one’s inner vision.  All musical and vocal arrangements are collaborated on and well thought out to present an artistic expression beyond dance music.

Q. And now an album to Pre-Order?
A.YES!  Release date is September 2nd 2014

Q. Exciting Times?

A.  Yes indeed!  We have done some collaborations and been featured on some compilations too!

Q. What has been your biggest buzz to date?
A.  We have had great responses to our photos and our Bandcamp debut EP pre-order. 

Q. You are in a beautiful secluded area of Canada, Have you had the chance to perform live to the locals?
A.  We have played informal parties and are currently rehearsing to develop a live show in support of our Album release in February 2015.

Q. I know you are both itching to come to the UK, Any location in particular and why?
A.  Yes!!  We are enthralled with the UK we would love to visit Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and London as well as visit new friends in Doncaster, and track down a relative.

Q. If you had the chance to share the stage with any of the bands you've got to know, Who would you like to share it with?
A. Fun question!!  Jan Doyle Band, Hot Pink Abuse, Pinklogik, Tokyo Witch Hunt, 3D, Empathy Test, New Neon and Agency, DJ OLIVE, (we could go on and on…)

Q. You have also been included on the Yazoo Tribute Charity Album?
A.   Yes, we had a great time formulating a version of Winter Kills.  We are well honoured to have been included!

Q. For Jill, Who is your favourite female vocalist?
A.  St. Savior

Q. Who are you both listening to a lot of late?
A.  Matthew Dear, Berlyn Trilogy, Hot Chip, The Two Bears, Empathy Test, Yeasayer, Ummagma, Bryan Ferry, Gus Gus.

Q. If you could give any advice to artists starting out and trying to be noticed, What would it be?
A. Get out there, be gracious, join social media groups.  Be passionate about the music you love.

Q. Thank You Jill & Richard. Would you like to add anything I may have missed.
A.   Looks complete!  Thank you Andy!!


Good Luck With Your New Album & Here's Wishing You Continued Success For The Future.  14/8/14