Q&A With Alejandro Marin


Q. First of all Nordika, Congratulations on your track 'Illumination' being nominated as
Revival Synth's 'Track of The Year'
A. We are very happy, and also very grateful to you and the English public for their support,
ah been a great surprise for us

Q. I love the reclusive lyrics and the dark but touching vibe to the track, Was that the thought
process behind it?
A.It was a process of Introspection, also was a message to awaken the minds of the people who
want a better future

Q. I noticed that the track was well received here in the UK, Would you say Illumination has
opened up more doors for you?
A. never thought this track opened the door to such a great audience, we are surprised and
also're in the mood better and make better tracks

Q. Nordika – German for 'Far From North', Is that the correct meaning you were looking for
or does it have a totally different meaning?
A. is correct, the name of our band is a tribute to the beginning of electronic music in nordics
countries, we try to give the best

Q. You began your journey in 2003 experimenting with different electronic sounds and at that
time it was just a hobby and in 2008 you made the leap to make it your profession. What
made you decide the time was right?
A. at some point we realized that we could offer something more, much to express, and much
to give, are appreciated to offer this music

Q. In your first year, thanks to Angel Bruno you became very popular playing to audiences of
up to 8000 people and that was without any track being released, That must have been beyond
your expectations?
A. was amazing, and the opportunity was great, it was a great pillar for us, we hope to be a
little ahead of the future

Q. Before you knew it you were rubbing shoulders with the likes of Assemblage 23 and Syrian,
What was their contribution to the Nordika sound?
A. Tom Shear helped us with the first ep, gave us a great sound which we learned a lot, with
syrian maintain a relationship of great respect, and we are very grateful to have had with

Q. In 2009 you released your first 2 EP's Veneno Preview and .Com under the record label
Aquo Rec. Am I right in saying this is your own label?
A. so it is our own label, which founded in 2008
Q. The label also has other artists such as Art Deko, WANT/ed & Para Normal, Is it yourambition to bring more new/unheard artists to the label in the future?
A. we seek to support the best bands, we believe the future is in electronic music
Q. You currently have 3 albums under your belt, Manifiesto Surrealista (Antologia), Espectro
Electro Magnetico, Neutransmisor and all are recorded in Spanish, Do you plan to release an
album in english?
A. the new album will be 90% in English ;)
Q. Talking of albums, I believe you are working on a new release for 2015?
A. the new album is almost ready, with great collaborations, will be ready in 2015
Q. Are you collaborating with any other artists on the album?
A.many, we hope havee more in the release of the album
Q. Is there a tour planned to coincide with the albums release?
A. we hope to open a major tour, but the most important thing is to reach people, to get our

Q. Any tour dates for the UK? Infest is an option ;-)
A. friend, we hope so be it
Q. Besides the many artists you have worked with over the years, Who are you listening to at
the moment?
A. we hems focused much always listen to much classical as chopin, maybe sounds a little
strange, but so is hehe

Q. Finally Alex, Thank You for taking time out to complete this Q&A. I wish you the best of
luck for 2015 with the album and tour. Is there anything further you would like to add?
A. thank you for all the support, to spread our music, and thank you very much to the people
who follow us, we will try to offer the best of us, we hope to see you soon, a big hug!

Thank You!
Revival Synth