Q. Hi Guys, Please introduce yourselves

A. RISER is a Chilean band of Synthpop and New Wave music. Formed in Santiago in 2014 by Sergio Cerda Cano and Ricardo Ponce

After participating through the years on various projects related to this musical style we bring you our latest original project RISER. Inspired mainly by the Synthpop and New Wave music of the 80s


Q. When did RISER form?

A. Formed in March in Santiago of Chile (South América) in 2014


Q. Were you both involved in other projects prior to RISER?

A. Each of us found ourselves working in different musical projects but this began in 1997 with a band called "REVÓLVER" and “ZERO” in which Sergio (keyboardist and composer RISER) played synthesizers with current vocalist Ricardo RISER. After that a couple of years ago Sergio was with his single musical project "CASER" also related to the singer Ricardo Synthpop and was working with his musical project tribute to the Norwegian band A-HA.


Q. I have only found one track 'Passion and Love' which has also featured heavily on Revival Synth. Is this your only track to date?

A. It is not the only song,  we currently have songs in musical composition and others.

Q. So you're working on a new album?

A. We have 10 songs ready to enter the studio for mixing and mastering. We think by the end of the year the album should be ready.

Q. I don't get many synth electro acts from Chile, in fact, you're the first. Is there an electronic scene in Chile?

A. Many years ago there was a synthpop scene in Chile but it is still an atmosphere underground. There are many high quality bands who have spent years trying to spread their work but there is no support from record labels which entails a great effort to pursue music.

Bands like The plugin, Aevemi, Desertor, Evidia, Modo, Ezaro, Fragmento, Tempo di Fede, Aparato Raro, MidiMan, we (RISER) and many others.

We having been trying for over 15 years to make music. In Chile it is very difficult performing live as the market is very small so we put all our efforts in to making music.

Each of us should work on other things for a living.

However, there are many people here who like this kind of music and soon come to stand for Chile is UAN discotec called "Blondie" Andy Bell (Erasure vocalist) and the legendary German band Camouflage formed in the 80s. https://www.blondie.cl/camouflage.html


Q. What artists of yesteryear have influenced you both?

A. We have all the influence of synthpop and new wave of the late 70s, 80s and current synthpop English and German.

Bands like Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, OMD, Ultravox, Human League, Devo, New Order Cabaret Voltaire, Soft Cell, Visage, Cause & Effect, Red Flag, Alphaville, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, A Flock of Seagulls, Talk Talk. Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Yazoo, A-HA.

Current bands: Depeche Mode, De / Vision, Camouflage, Mesh, Wolfsheim Peter Heppner, IRIS, And One, Perfidiuos Words.


Q. You have been checking out some new sounds on Revival Synth lately, Who have caught your ear?

A. As a band we feel very good that there are places like "Revival Synth" that help bands from around the world to spread their music.

We have heard some bands from the website and we have been really surprised by the high quality of composition and sound production.

Bands like The Propolis, Nordika, and others like Tenek are of very good quality.


Q. What are you favourite synths and which synths are on your want list?

A. Currently for the composition work with midi controllers to run virtual synths and all that give us versatility. Jp 8080 Roland synthesizers and Korg MS20, are two absolutely awesome machines.

But now our favorite Vintage Synthesizers are VST (TubeOhm) O Gamma-Ray V 2.0 VSTi Synthesizer are amazing.


Q. Finally guys, Thanks for taking part in this Q&A, Is there anything more you would like to add?

A. We send the most important Chilean bands Synthpop today so that they can also disseminate:



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We are very grateful for the support  "Revival Synth" has given us, it's a great place for other bands in the world to be able to spread their music. Count on our support for whatever it is. 

Thank you very much and a big hug!

RISER Synthpop band, Santiago de Chile.

Thank you