Q&A With Roeland of

Model Depose

Q1. Hi Roeland. Thanks for taking time out to take part in this Q&A. You are a 5 piece band from The Netherlands, Could you give a brief description of Model Depose please?
A. Hi Andy, thanks for the opportunity to share some more in depth information about Model Depose. We like to think ourselves as a band that covers a wide spectrum of music genres. In our case, you can recognize the 80’s new wave and synthpop influences, the more contemporary indierock and electronic music. Our songs are emotive, guitar and synth driven, with a poppy and/or rocky feel.  

Q.  All bands have to start gigging somewhere, Did Model Depose start off gigging in a church with a choir in Garmerwolde, Netherlands?
A. We started off with a band competition in our second year. The first year Model Depose was more of a project, with experimenting and songwriting as our main activities. The church gig with a choir was also in our second year, and was a huge project. We worked with a conductor/composer and arranged our songs for the choir, and the other way around, we wrote music based on classical pieces. The performance in the church was quite special and helped develop us towards the point we’re now.

Q. You are into your 5th year as Model Depose and you all formed from two other bands PREY & SWANSDOWN. Is the sound of Model Depose a combination of both bands?
A. Frankly, no. There are still some recognizable elements, however, but I believe those are our personalities expressing themselves musically. Swansdown and Prey were doom/gothic metal bands, with different song structures, and more dramatic emotions. Those bands connected us and brought us together, but I believe there’s a parallel between evolving personally and musically.

Q. Your band consists of yourself, Jobbe, Mariet, David, Tim and 2 ex members Casper & Nikita. Why am I led to believe Nikita isn't a person?
A. You will find your idea to be true. We started off producing all beats on a macbook, connected to an audio device. We felt we had to give her a name as she was so loyal to us, and inspired by Dr. Avalanche (Sisters Of Mercy) we found Nikita to be a lovely name for her. Eventually we created a personality for her.
Now, Nikita is still a presence amongst us. In 2012 we started working with Tim on drums, and we found ourselves amazed at the dynamics and energy he brings in his playing.

Q. I did a Q&A with another Dutch synth artist HELIOPHILE and he was influenced by Freddie Mercury and this seems to be the case with yourself?
A.. It is. As a child I was a fan of his singing, and I sung a lot of Queen songs back then. When Freddie died I was sad, listened to the Wembley memorial concert secretly in my bed. Eventually I dreamed Queen invited me to become the new singer, I flew over to London to meet the band etc. That dream inspired me a lot. During my teens I forgot about it. Later I remembered the dream and realised I’m living it in a more adult way: expressing myself as a singer in my own band, with ambitions to reach a bigger audience. The song Mercury covers that for me.

Q. Having done my research on Model Depose you are linked to sounding like Mesh/Cruxshadows/De-Vision/ I myself don't hear them influences. How would you describe the sound of Model Depose?
A. I think there’s not just one band that we sound like. We tend to have some musical overlap in our preferences and thus influences, but also a lot of music that does not overlap. It depends on your own reference: we tend to hear comparisons to Depeche Mode, Placebo, Muse, Joy Division, IAMX but also Editors, The Cure and lately Thomas Azier.

Q. You have released 2 EPs to date. Untitled EP in Sept 2011 & the Nightwatch EP in Sept 2013 and I hear you have an album in the making for 2014?
A. That’s correct. The Untitled EP is physically sold out, but digitally still available. Nightwatch is our latest EP, and it’s available on CD and download. The recordings for our debut album start in February, and we’ll record in two phases this year. We haven’t set a release date yet, but we’re sure in 2014 our debut album will see the light.

Q. Rob Harvey of Phoenix FM premiered Nightwatch on his show. Your first airplay in the UK. Do you find the UK DJs more 'Fresh Music' friendly?
A. I do find the UK DJs more accessible and fresh music friendly. I also like it, that this music scene seems more vivid than in The Netherlands. We feel in NL, that our kind of music is a niche, while in the UK and Germany for example, there’s more of our kind of music on the radio. I believe Heliophile feels the same about this.

Q. You are popular in The Netherlands and you are wanting to venture further out, Have you had any success with them plans?
A. I would say we’re increasing in popularity in NL, not yet popular :) The idea to venture further out is driven by what I said above. We feel there are more people we can reach abroad. Thanks to you and the UK DJs and the whole community around the radio shows I’m getting to know lots of people, that may help us set foot on British shores.

Q. You have a varied vocal range Roeland, I can hear similarities to Dave Gahan, Brian Molko and sometimes the high pitch of Morten Harket. That's not a bad tool to have :)
A. Thank you Andy :) It’s a great tool to have, and I use it with care. Listening through the Prey and Model Depose discography you can hear how it has developed.
 I quite like to see Dave & Brian as references. For some reason I was never a big fan of A-ha, might be my ignorance. The high pitch I find more in the likes of Chris Corner, Matt Bellamy and Mr. Mercury of course.
I am also very inspired by Vincent Cavanagh, the lead singer from Liverpool band Anathema. His strong and emotional vocals can really move me. If you can have this effect as a singer on people, you’re doing something right. After our shows, sometimes people tell me of feeling moved, having shivers etc. That really feels rewarding, something to cherish.

Q. Model Depose sang 'Mercury' on the Dutch show Fifteen Minutes, Is that our equivalent of X Factor/Britains Got Talent and how did you do?
A. Fifteen Minutes is a showcase festival for local bands in Leeuwarden and Groningen, so it’s not nearly a show like that. The concept is really sympathetic because they offer bands a stage and photo/video coverage. We did do some talent shows in NL. We’ve happened to make the finals or semi-finals in some of them. We don’t like to see music as a competition, but these shows áre opportunities to play live and have an audience.

Q. Bombs are falling. Excellent track! and it's not on the EPs. Will it appear on the new album?
A. Why, thanks! Your research is quite thorough :) Bombs Are Falling, in fact, is the first song we’ve ever written. We actually ditched the song, as it sounds different now in our current line-up, and does not meet the sentiment we had, when we created it. But some people keep asking for this song to be released.

Q. What does 2014 hold for Model Depose?
A. Lots of studio recordings, great live shows, hopefully our first shows abroad (UK, Germany, Belgium), and of course the release of our debut album!

Q. Cheeky question. Have you heard of having 'Tingle In The Netherlands' ;-)
A. Not really :) Without consulting Google, and using my imagination, one might want to get helped, by a doctor for instance. ;)

Q. And finally. Thanks for taking part in this Q&A Roeland. Thanks for all your support throughout. I wish you and all at Model Depose the best of success in 2014. Would you like to add anything further?
    A. Thanks again, Andy, it was a pleasure! I’d like to add: when you’re reading this, liking what you read and what you hear, do tell everyone that might be interested in getting to know our music. With your help we might come to places we’ve never been and we’re keen on that adventure!