Q&A With Tony Blue of EmT

Ema Walter & Tony Blue of EmT


Q1.. Firstly Tony, Thanks for taking part in the first Q&A of 2014. Did you have a good Christmas?

Thanks for asking me! Yes Christmas was great thanks  - I drank and eat far too much!
Q2.. It isn't rocket science to see your name EmT comes from your names Ema/Tony – Who came up with EmT?
Ema thought of the name - if we'd have known the interest we have subsequently received we may have thought of something else!
Q3.. EmT burst on to the scene around September 2013, What were you both doing before then?
We had been recording for about 3 years before then purely for our own fun- previous to that we were both in a band in the early 90s. In September 2013 we decided to set up a Soundcloud page and it then went crazy! 
Q4.. What are your roles within EmT?
On the whole I write all the initial music and Ema writes the vocal melodies and most of the lyrics. However when we get together we both write and change each other's ideas until we are happy - it's definitely an equal collaboration and we both trust each other's opinions.
Q5.. What bands or artists influence your sound?
Wow! That's such a hard question to answer! Everyone from Fad Gadget to Polly Scattergood to Vince Clarke to Karin Park!! We have so many influences it would take forever to list them!
Q6.. Your first single 'Regret' was given mega airplay in the latter part of 2013 and it also got the thumbs up from Rusty Egan – That must have given you a real buzz and a bigger determination to move forward even quicker
The success of "Regret" has been incredible - we were just blown away by the amount of airplay and fantastic support we received for it especially from the radio DJs - but then to be mentioned by Rusty Egan as one of his tracks of 2013 was just the icing on the cake - it was just brilliant and such a buzz!
Q7.. You're first Gig is The Electric Vault on the 7th June 2014 with Modovar, Kira & Johnny Normal – First of many? ;-)
To be honest  we're not sure yet! We want it to be a success and we are incredibly excited about it - especially as we are great fans of the other bands. We will see how that show goes and then think about more gigs.
Q8.. Is there an air of nervousness when you think about the gig or are you buzzing and raring to go?
There's certainly some nerves there as we haven't gigged for over 10 years, but also we are very excited - it should be a great night!
Q9.. If I switched on your Ipod who would I hear on your playlist?
You'd hear Jon Hopkins, Unkle, David Sylvian, Eels, Air, Arnaud Rebotini, Chvrches, Tunng, Royksopp, Saint Saviour, Talk Talk, VCMG and loads more!
Q10.. You have a track on the Radio Happy Charity Album, Me personally I think it's a great idea to put so many artists together as it gives you all more attention. Would you like to see more compilation albums put out like this?
Yes I would - it would be great if one of the specialist electronic radio stations put one out- I'd buy it!
Q11.. Ema comes across as the quiet of the two – Is she quiet or is that a smokescreen to hide the fact that she is a real Miss Whiplash behind the scenes lol ;-)
No Ema is not the quiet one of the band! We're both pretty gobby as it happens! Ema is probably the more chilled and thoughtful of the two of us though and thinks things through better than I do! She is certainly no shrinking violet! 
Q12.. How would you desribe this current Electro/Synth scene?
I think it's in a pretty healthy state overall - bands and artists such as Karin Park and Chvrches are just brilliant and so innovative. I think 2014 could be a big year for the genre.
Q13.. Who would you like to share the stage with?
Well we're lucky to be sharing the stage with one at our debut gig on 7 June - KirA! We both love her music and she's a great person too.
Q14.. You were mastering on Sunday Night 5/1/14 – New EP/Album?
That was for a possible second single - we want to put out at least another two singles and then hopefully an album to follow.
Q15.. Thanks Tony for taking part in the Q&A. Would you like to finish off with any plugs/mentions etc...?
Tickets for the 7 June gig go on sale on March, so come along it will be a great night! Lastly I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all the Radio DJs who have played us on their shows.