Sebastien Deruwez of Shiny Darkness & Howard Moth of Spacebuoy who have shared the stage together in the past, now blend their musical talents to bring us some new sounds that should get your BPM's racing faster.


Revival Synth put a few questions to PULSE about their new project :

Q. How and when did the idea come about for you both to come together and form PULSE?
PULSE : The idea came together very late at night (or early in the morning) in a busy Hamburg bar over several beers after a joint gig together in the city back in March this year. We initially just wanted to have a little fun putting some songs together based around the ideas we discussed. We started to do exactly that after iSynth II and the song writing came together very, very quickly to the extent that we starting thinking more seriously about what to do with them.
Q. You have performed together before at i-synth, Will you take PULSE on the road?
PULSE : It’s no secret to anyone that’s seen Spacebuoy or Shiny Darkness perform that we both enjoy playing live. We’ve taken to the stage a few times together now at various times so it’s something we’d like to do officially as Pulse performing our own songs … watch this space.
Q. Is the sound of PULSE a blend of the sounds of Shiny Darkness & Spacebuoy?
PULSE : I guess that’ll ultimately be for others to decide but we feel Pulse are simply Pulse, not a blend of other bands or projects that we are involved in. We wanted to do something different for both of us even down to recording techniques, song structures, lyrics and harmonies, everything really and just see where that took us without expectations … and Pulse is the result of that.
Q. A few tracks have already been heard, Is there an album in the pipeline?
PULSE : There will be a 6 track EP “Rehydrate” released on 22nd September as both a download and a physical CD. It is available HERE for pre-order. As for more songs and an album it’s certainly a possibility and we never say never. We’ve had a lot of fun and enjoyed putting the 6 EP tracks together and that is the main driver for Pulse so it’s fair to say you can expect a little more from us in the future.

The EP has been mastered by Peter Rainman aka People Theatre