Hi Andy & Del. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.
Q. You formed in Dublin 2012 but you guys have been around since the early 90s, what brought you both together?

Andy Sneyd - We met in a former band and realised we must of crossed paths many times attending the same gigs and going to the same nightclubs. I'd always wanted to do something with Del so when we left the band we got to work straight away.
Del Chaney - We played together in a previous band after Andy joined as a bass player. I realised that Andy had been writing Techno for years & had previously toured with CJ Bolland in Europe and we spoke about maybe doing something together musically. We hit it off instantly because of our similar musical tendencies. We both love Dance Music (Especially Old-school Techno), Indie Rock, Disco & early Dub Reggae plus we both collect Vinyl so I really wanted to see his collection!Together we could open a record store. I left the band after my son was born but Andy stayed on for a while longer. After that I received a message from him and attached to it was music files to work on. It snowballed after that and AW was born.

Q. Is it safe to say that your musical journeys have created the sound of Analogue Wave?
Andy Sneyd - Absolutely, we're into so many different types of music, and what we enjoy most about Analogue Wave is being able to incorporate bits from everywhere. When I look back at growing up I consider myself very lucky to have had the musical experiences I have. From seeing Rage Against The Machine and Daft Punk at their first Irish gigs to seeing Nirvana and Pixies at their peak, then playing alongside some of the people credited with inventing techno music, it's been lots of fun!
Del Chaney - When you’ve slogged & slogged throughout the years to write & record music in various bands as I have you tend to build up a lot of musical ideas. We’re both really passionate about music. It shows in the meticulous production on nearly everything we release. I’ve played up and down the length & breath of Ireland in Blues Bands, Rock Bands & Beatles cover bands sometimes playing to 3 people in a shitty pub. Analogue Wave’s sound has come from that hard work. It’s a brilliant feeling to be in this band and actually achieve something worthwhile.

Q. You must have the same taste in music to bring about such a unique sound?
Andy Sneyd - We have a massive crossover of taste in music, Del would be more into blues and dub, and I'd be more into electronic so we can bring bits from a lot of different corners.
Del Chaney - Im a self confessed music freak. I live & breathe music. Im always supporting underground artists as much as I can so lately Im tending to stay away from the mainstream artists and Im focusing on the unsigned/self releasing bands. I think i’s here that the future of music will be at its biggest. Unsigned Independent & self releasing music. The Future!! My musical tastes are very wide spread anyway. They have to be to create music in Analogue Wave.

Q. Sept 2013 saw the release of your well received debut album ''N.L.G.W.V'' I won't dare ask where the title came from lol Were you surprised at how quick you became noticed or was everything already in place and you were just waiting for the right moment?
Andy Sneyd - It's our musical tribute to the hard working folk of the 'National Lawyers Guild of West Virginia' but just by chance it's also Analogue Wave with all the vowels removed. We liked the idea of naming the first album after the band but wanted to put a twist on it. We were surprised by the interest received, there is so much new music all the time that's its hard to be noticed. We did really like the songs ourselves and we were very proud of them and that was the main goal for us, everything else was a bonus.
Del Chaney - To be honest we wrote that debut album more for ourselves. We had no idea that it would get the attention that it did. Especially from our peers. Initially we had just left a band that we both put our hearts into & had been burned really badly. Our debut release was us proving to ourselves that we could actually write, record, produce & self release something amazing! Plus I just wanted to hold a physical release in my hands  - LOL

Q. You've played the live circuits in Ireland over the years, have you seen a slump in venues and audiences since the recession hit the country? 
Andy Sneyd -  As far as I can see the exact opposite has happened at least for established bands, I think the recession coincided with an increase in festivals and bands playing gigs in Ireland, maybe it's a release for people constantly hearing doom and gloom about the economy. Unfortunately in Ireland it's common practice for bands starting off to pay the venue to play there, so you have to get a lot of paying customers in the door before you break even and that's before you factor in equipment costs, rehearsals, promotion etc.
Del Chaney - There’s a lot of sham venues out there wanting a quick buck. This Pay To Play mentality is destroying live music especially in Ireland. For a new act starting out you need support from music venues. The recession fuelled these Pay To Play Venues in my opinion. Yes, they were getting the bums on seats but they didn't care how many as long as you payed them upfront for the privilege to play? Ridiculous if you ask me. Everyone has got to start somewhere in my opinion. Festivals are a big thing over here but I think we’re lucky because the organisers of some of the good festivals actively support unsigned music from various genres. We love playing festivals.

Q. The album 'Casimir' was released Sept 2014, Was this album influenced by the austerity cuts in Ireland?
Andy Sneyd - There's definitely elements in the melting pot. From the backing vocals from the 'anti-austerity choir' on 'I feel hollow', to the lines in the break in 'profit' it's our way of protesting, that and attending protests!
Del Chaney - More so in the debut album I think. I mean there are references lyrically in Casimir to Recession & Down Turn & The Robbing Bastard banks, but I feel like the debut album was me venting at what was going on around me. There’s a lot of references to Loss, Love Breaking Down & Friendships Dying in both albums. I tend to dip into these situations when writing anyway. Im always looking for the depressive angle. But to answer your question - Yes! Life these days is influenced by Austerity Cuts.

Q. You performed at the Electric Picnic in Co.Laois last year, are you like me in thinking we should have something similar in the UK on that kind of scale?
Andy Sneyd - Yeah playing Electric Picnic was a wish come true for us as we usually attend the festival every year anyway. We were playing in the Body & Soul Arena which is like a mini festival within the main festival itself, it's always a great weekend, and there's always some great all night parties in the surrounding woods.
Del Chaney - We love that festival. I can remember being at it some years back with Andy and saying that I’d love to play this festival one day. It’s been on my bucket list for years now. I’m so happy I fulfilled my dream & that we were able to play ‘Scatter’ at Electric Picnic! We had them dancing their little socks off. There needs to be more support for the unsigned artist. Festivals like EP are a must if music is to survive. Just let us know when Revival Synth starts their own festival and we’ll be there either as fans or artists.


Q. I saw your compilation for and it was pleasing to see you didn't choose the obvious but you went more for the unheard underground artists. Would you agree that it's becoming easier for a lot more indie artists to get their music out there?
Andy Sneyd - Not only is it becoming easier for indie artists to get their music out there but I actually think the music is better, some of my favourite songs from the past year were on that compilation, it's always exciting to hear what new music is coming from bands you're in close contact with. I often find bands I hear a lot of hype around are a big let down so it's great to find a band yourself that you really like.
Del Chaney - Every Artist on that Collection of tracks is immense in our eyes. They are creating some amazing music right now. We felt that it was better to support them this way. More people need to hear what the underground Electronic scene is doing right now. It’s creating better artists & sounds in our opinion! Its more interesting. We’re always throwing an ear up to soundcloud or bandcamp and listen to their music (Albeit in the shadows) Its very impressive.   


Q. The album 'Alterations' was released in January of this year and it features remixes from the likes of Ummagma, Jeff Appleton & Grim, Are you collaborating with any other artists at the moment?
Andy Sneyd - We've just finished producing an E.P. for an artist we absolutely love, so we're really looking forward getting that out.
Del Chaney - We’ve something fresh coming out soon production wise. We’d love to work with as many people as we can. But unfortunately time constraints & daily life gets in the way. There are so many great Producers out there though. We’ll get to them eventually.

Q. Any plans to gig in the UK?
Andy Sneyd - We were only talking recently about looking into playing in the U.K., it's definitely on our wish list so hopefully we'll be able to organise something.
Del Chaney - We’d love to. I think the gig would have to be right though. The venue would need to be intimate. The complete Analogue Wave experience has to be seen - Visually & Audibly. It’s a massive surround sound thing! Our visuals are just as good as the music.  

Q. What does the rest of 2015 hold for Analogue Wave?
Andy Sneyd - I have a very new baby so 2015 will be full of dirty nappies and smiles that make all the dirty nappies worth while!  In between nappy changes we'll start writing and working on new tracks.
Del Chaney - I’ve started writing new material already. It’s sounding different again so that’s exciting! Andy has his hands full with Baba so we’ll take it slow & see what happens. Hopefully we’ll have something new out later in the year though & I think it’ll surprise folks. The ideas are flowing and demo’s are being sent to each other. We’re going to twist the recording process on its head and we’ve a few new gadgets to play with also.

Q. Thanks Andy & Del! Anything more you would like to add?
Andy Sneyd - Thanks to you and everyone else who has bought, shared, listened, and got what we do, cheers.
Del Chaney - Big thanks to Revival Synth for the support throughout everything. Without you guys & the other underground Electronic artists spreading the love we wouldn’t be here. Keep supporting underground music & its artists. They deserve your hard earned cash. Thanks to everyone who got involved with Analogue Wave thus far. We’ll see you all later in the year.