Q&A With Jez Allan Smith of Zundapp

Q Hi Jez, You are better known as one half of Spacebuoy and we hear they are no more?
A -  We currently have no plans for Spacebuoy, but never say never,
for now Spacebuoy is having a snooze.
Q. How did you both come to the decision to change the band name?
A. We starting writing new songs and quickly realised that they didn't
fit the SB package. It was really exciting, we liked that and we liked
the idea of not being confined to expectations. We’ve stepped outside
our comfort zone in many ways and decided to create an environment
that reflected that .... Zundapp!
Q. Did you find yourselves going in different musical directions?
A. We've never thought about directions per se, we just enjoy the
freedom to write whatever songs we feel like at the time. There are no
constraints, there are no musical differences - it either works as a
song or it doesn't. It's a form of expression and we are no different.
Q. How will the sound of Zundapp differ to that of Spacebuoy?
A. There’s a different vibe to it, a little more experimental and
darker, it’s still electronic just with a more analog sound. H has
been pushing his vocals in new and marvellous ways too. If Spacebouy
was matter, Zundapp is probably the dark anti-matter of the situation.
Q. I heard through the grapevine that you have called on the services
of a female backing singer?
A. We've toyed with the idea of collaboration before and never really
acted on it. We felt "Shadows" needed another dimension and we're
thrilled to say that Blurred Girl (Emma Barson) from a certain Promenade Cinema (we
love those guys) just sang perfectly to match our ideas.
Q. Howard Moth ( H ) has been using guitars with his other project PULSE, will they be
used in any of the Zundapp tracks?
A. Guitars is and has been major passion for H from an early age, but
no plans for any Pulse-esque guitar... It’s always been important for
us that we sound like ‘us’ and no one else, Zundapp is a totally
different concept to Pulse (and Spacebuoy) although we are open minded
enough to use whatever sounds suit.
Q. A snippet of 'Shadows' has been uploaded on to Soundcloud, is this the first
single, if so, when will it be released?
A. More than likely this will be the first single, and we are hoping
for a Spring/Summer release.
Q. Is it taken from a forthcoming EP or album?
A. We have no hard and fast rules at the moment, when we feel we've
finished writing all the songs, we'll decide what format to release.
There's a debate raging about the significance of albums and EP's
these days, you can ask us in the next interview!
Q. You had 6 years together as Spacebuoy, what would you say was your
most memorable moment?
A. There are so many cool moments to choose from, but, it was pretty
amazing to have being asked by Erasure to share a stage with them twice,
especially at Blackpool pier in front of a few thousands fans, they
even bought us fish and chips! We also had some guy stage bomb us
wearing an orange wig!
Thanks Jez. Good luck to you and H on this new project. We will add more links and the video when they become available ;-)