Q&A With David Burdick & Tom Cella






Hi Guys, Thanks for taking time out to take part in this Q&A. How and when did Rare Facture form?

 Tom... We used to play in a group called Method Surreal back in 1998. After releasing one EP, the project quickly led to a break-up which saw me leave music entirely to focus on other projects, and David continuing under various iterations until reforming under the name Attack the Wire with two other gentlemen. After that, we both lost touch for around 13 years until I looked David up around 2011 and found him working on some really great solo material. This discovery lit a fire under me which ultimately led to me taking back up song writing once again. Over the next three years I worked on demos and occasionally sent them over to David. David was treating this time as commenting on the tracks and giving production tips. During this time David had begun working on a new project called Memory Machine, which he still continues to release material under. Knowing that David was tied up on another project, I continued working on my solo material but kept sending demos to David. In 2013 I sent a demo to David that would ultimately become the track Nothing Matters. David took a quick stab at Nothing Matters to show some production tips and that one was put on the shelf at that time. The next demo I sent to David was titled This Broken Resolution, which I had worked on with Glen Harper who wrote the lyrics. David liked the demo and gave it his full attention for a couple weeks. After This Broken Resolution had been written and produced we both sat down and had a serious discussion about what it would take and involve to form a group again. We both agreed that we wanted to write an album like the ones we heard growing up. Albums that got us in to music in the first place. We wanted to write a synthpop album for a new generation and what initially was to be an EP soon turned into a full LP, which will be released this year (2015)



What are your roles within the band, does Glen Harper write all your lyrics?

 David... Tom sent some demos to Glen Harper back in 2012-2013, which Glen wrote the lyrics to and would ultimately lead to becoming two tracks on the album. We liked the lyrics Glen wrote, but decided to narrow the group down to a duo and continue to explore our sound. Tom now writes the lyrics, with small edits provided by me. Roles wise, it is a very collaborative approach to song writing. One of us will come up with a demo, and then expand on the idea with a vocal or lyrical structure. At this point, we tend to bounce ideas back and forth until a skeleton of a complete song exists. Once a song has been fleshed out, I will continue to produce and then mix the tracks.  


How would you describe the sound of Rare Facture?

 We would describe it as a blend of synthpop, dream pop, and futurepop. We tend to focus heavily on hook driven melodic pieces using a traditional song writing structure. We both grew up in the 80’s when the pop music was much more focused on melody and feeling, and that tends to permeate our musical styles to this day.   


What were you doing before Rare Facture?

 David -- I was in a trance group called Attack the Wire from 1999 - 2002. I went solo in 2002 and did a ton of music that just started seeing the light of day on bandcamp. In 2013 I got involved in a darkwave/industrial project called Memory Machine with Chris Bergeron and an EP from the group is forthcoming. Additionally, I have remixed tracks for Vain Machine.

Tom -- I was doing something completely unrelated to music for many years in web publishing.


Your debut single 'Nothing Matters' was released in July 2014, you must have been happy with the rave reviews you received?

 We are very happy with the feedback we received. Like any group, we have continued to tinker with the track and the album version is sounding a lot more polished than the single. But we’re at a point now however where we need to walk away from that track, kind of like how we wish George Lucas would have walked away from tinkering with the original trilogy.  


'This Broken Resolution' my personal favourite - followed a few months later and that was played around the USA, Australia and the UK. What is your approach to promoting your music

 We have not had time to promote much lately due to trying to get the album done. We will be using the net for a lot of it, but we are planning on touring. Light in the Dark was supposed to be a six track EP. After realizing we were onto something, we both agreed that going the full distance with an LP was the only way to do the music its due diligence.  


 Are the 2 tracks named above from a forthcoming album?

 Yes, they are the two single tracks from our upcoming album Light in the Dark. It is going to be a ten track album which we plan on releasing in digital, compact disc, and limited vinyl format.


The track listing is as follows (In no specific order):

Light in the Dark

Nothing Matters

This Broken Resolution


A Million Words


Say Something



High Above


Have you played any live gigs in Utah? If so, have you been on a 'Camper Van' tour of the states ;-)

 We have not played any shows yet, but that will change once the LP is finished. We have received invitations to play shows and go on tour with some prominent electronic bands, but playing unreleased material and taking time away from finishing the album seems like a bad idea at this point. A camper van tour of the states sounds good, but we would love to do a caravan tour of Europe where we feel our style of music would be more warmly received.  


Have you had any offers of a record contract?

None yet – We haven’t really shared much music outside of the two singles which have been released. But we have one label square in our sights and will be expecting Daniel Miller to be calling soon.


Will the new album/EP be released on a CD or do you feel that a digital release is a safer option at the moment?

We are absolutely going to print CDs, as well as do a full digital release on all major distribution channels, and most importantly, a limited vinyl release. We will be working with the legendary Mike Marsh at The Exchange studio to master Light in the Dark, so the actual record will sound amazing.


What are your interests outside of the band?

Listening to well written music. After the album is released we are going to be writing the musical score for an independent feature filmthat is slated to be released next year. We both have children, so obviously we spend a lot of our extra time being dads.


What song from your past would you say influenced your decisions to form a band?

We have actually been talking a lot about this recently and it has had a huge impact on the writing and production process of this album. We don’t know if you can pin it down to a single song, but rather a feeling we used to get when we first heard some of the great records of the 80s. We both have been wanting to feel that way again, and writing Light in the Dark has been a way we feel like to recapture that sense of awe and wonderment you got when you first listened to one of those albums.


If you could perform live on stage with any band, who would it be?

Erasure (Vince Clarke is God).


Finally Tom & David. Thank you and good luck with the release. Is there anything else you would like to add?

 Thanks for chatting with us.

David... Light in the Dark is a very melodic and emotional album. Tom was going through a divorce in the thick of writing the album, so it turned out to be a break-up record. We decided to use all those feelings and do something useful and positive with them.