A huge thanks to Mr Derek Anthony Williams of The Doncaster Electronic Foundation for allowing me to choose the playlist for his show 27/4/15. The show is now on Mixcloud for all those who missed it. Simply click on the banner above or the Mixcloud link below.

Here is the playlist including links and some brief details about the tracks/artists chosen.

1. Exciting Valence - The Sky Is Never Blue
Not only do I like the music of David Ehrke but I admire his passion for the scene. He has been a brilliant supporter of Revival Synth since day 1 and I'm honoured to have him on my playlist. David is an artist heavily influenced from the 80s synth scene and this track says it all. A one man band with many many talents!

2. Shiny Darkness  - The Place
What can I say about Shiny Darkness? They are one of my favourites bands on the circuit and I think Seb is musically and lyrically very talented. Very pleased to have met this man. The Place is a track that takes me back to my first time of hearing their album 'My Angel Has Spoken'. A well produced and polished album that could easily sit on the shelves of any record store.

3. Odd Common - The Perfect Plan
Lars is a hidden gem who quietly plods away and expects us not to notice when he has produced a good track. Lars needs to build up a confidence to make himself realise that he has a raw talent and he needs to get it heard. This track is witness to that.

4. Low Tide Theory - We All Fall Down
One of my favourite tracks off their album 'Big Sky'. Another work of art produced by Mr Geoff Pinckney. This track has an 80s summer feel and it takes me back to when everything was easier and more innocent, Unlike now! If we don't stand our corners we will indeed 'All Fall Down'. Big Sky is in my top 5 albums of all time ;-)

5. Rare Facture - Nothing Matters
Love this track because David and Tom have produced a 'From The Heart' album that tells stories of their personal journey and this is one of them. I love tracks that tell a real story, It's like watching a film that is based on true events, It makes it more appealing.

6. Cloak - Burning Heart
This is pretty much similar to the Rare Facture track. Again, Kevin Prior writes lyrics that come from his own personal experiences. Their album 'Solitude' tells many real life stories and Kevin is a great inspiration to many and his openess about male depression has to be admired. Well done Mr Prior!

7. LIEBE  - Reasons
I love LIEBE! Dim Zach (Keyboards) has this magic touch of bringing the vocals of George Begas to life. You can hear the influences of The Beloved and it is their new single so get your hands on it as soon as you can!

8. Meter Bridge - It Was Nothing
Love the Numanesque/Bowie sound on this track. Meter Bridge have taken the circuit by storm and their self promotional skills have to be admired. They are very supportive to other artists. They give and give, not like some who just take and take! Well done Jill & Richard.

9. New Neon - New Neon (People Theatre Mix)
New Neon Kick Ass as does Peter Rainman aka People Theatre. Jade & Roger ooze energy and they have tracks like this that send the shivers when blasted through the headphones. This tracks reminds me of the early 90s 'Army of Lovers'

10. Nordika Illumination
Nordika, My mexican friend. I love tracks that touch a nerve and this is one of them. A beautiful melody wrapped in synthpop, thrown in to the EBM mixer and out comes a classic like this. This track was 'Single of The Year' for 2014 on Revival Synth.

11. Jan Doyle Band - 35 Footsteps Black
I'm just trying to recall who these guys are lol ;-) Seriously, I didn't want to choose the obvious so I went for a track that shows your talents as a lyricist and a musician. A cool, calmed vocal surrounded by a catchy melody that makes it pleasing to the ear. Those who judge JDB by the image should get their headphones and judge them for their music. Make cheque payable to Andy J please Derek ;-)

12. Automatic Writing - Nostalgia For The Future
Loooove this track! These guys should be huge. The 'Billy McKenzie' style vocals of Neave Merrick make this track sound like an updated track that The Associates would have put out. You can hear the Bowie/Eno/Cystal Castles influences in their music and they are a band I can't recommend high enough.

13. Foreign TechnologyCloned
Taken from the EP 'Cloned' Stephen uses all his early influences on the EP and this track. A very talented young man who knows what type of music will generate interest to get himself heard/noticed. The obvious Numan influence is in this track and with the addition of female vocals and again, the Pinckney influence you have a cracking Instrumental track. Well done Mr Donohue!

14. Spacebuoy - So Easy
It was 'So Easy' to choose this. I've been a big fan of Spacebuoy since I came on to the scene. For me, I feel Spacebuoy have moved in to their own zone with this track and others from their album 'Intoxicated'. H & Jez produce some very catchy synthpop tunes and it's never hard to pull a few faves out of the Spacebuoy discography.

15. Vivien Glass - Part Machine
Another band that should be up there with the elite. I chose Part Machine because this track and their video that accompany it show what a class act they are. Looking forward to meeting Melissa & Jan in Leeds in July when they perform live at The Fenton.