Stephen Donohue aka Foreign Technology

foreign technology, sometimes known as f:tech, is the work of a lone human, by the name of
Stephen Donohue, based in Brisbane, Australia.
Influenced by the music of late 70's and early 80's electronic artists such as Gary Numan,
Ultravox, and Japan, foreign technology was inspired to start creating his own tracks.
The first foreign technology release was a track named ‘The Things we See' which was chosen for
inclusion on a dance compilation, 'A Higher Sound', released in February 1998 through Warner
Music Australia. This was soon followed by the release of another tune, 'Still Life' on another
compilation, 'On the Pulse', in 1999, through Sony Music Australia.
A track named 'Origin' was chosen as 'Demo of the month' in the December 2000 issue of 'The
Mix' magazine, and was featured on the cover CD: here's what the magazine had to say;
"Old -skool electro meets Bigbeat in a well executed melange of brilliantly-produced styles"
"With infectious guitar riff and hard-as-hell breaks you can see where foreign technology is
coming from. His real strength is in the production and skill in filling the tracks with an
abundance of timbres without swamping the proceedings on the way - a rare talent indeed."
A tune called 'Elektrik' was chosen by national radio broadcaster Triple J as one of the
winners of their Sonic Imprint competition, a search for local electronic music to feature in
the new years eve countdown to the year 2000. ‘Elektrik’ was also featured on the cover CD of
the August/September 2000 issue of Australian music technology magazine 'Next Music', with
accompanying blurb in the local artist section.
This magazine appearance led to being contacted to do a couple of remixes ('S-fluid' and
'Zentraedi Threat') for Brisbane beats and breaks band Superfluid, which appeared on their
debut album '8 bit crunch', released through Creative Vibes in September 2002. This in turn led
to joining the band, and shortening ‘foreign technology’ to ‘f:tech’ for any Superfluid duties.
Late 2002 also saw a foreign technology breaks remix of the Drunken Masters tune 'Mastered
Technique', for UK drum and bass label Dope Ammo, which appeared on their 'Uprising'
March 2004 saw the release of foreign technology's first solo EP
Canadian breaks label 2Wars.
'Aussie Rules', through
September 2004 saw the f:tech guise re-appear for some production work on the Superfluid album
‘Project Vectrex'.
In 2006, and somewhat disillusioned after several planned label releases were postponed or
cancelled, foreign technology withdrew to concentrate on enjoying the process of writing and
producing music, rather than the business of it.
Now in 2014, and with renewed enthusiasm for an increasingly vibrant Electronic Music scene,
foreign technology is once again testing the waters with his own particular brand of
synthesizer driven music.