Members : Helena Wigeborn - Jonas Rasmusson - Lars Netzel


A frequent face on the Gothenburgh synth-scene and an avid songwriter since the age of six, Helena Wigeborn finds her inspiration on the dance floor and is influenced by Depeche Mode, Lana Del Ray and very occasionally by Amy Diamond. This small but feisty singer is Gothenburg born and bred, but spent several years in Scotland.

Jonas made the entrance so I called my solo project Fragile Transistor Teqnology. The idea behind it is that it all goes down so very easily these days, not just technology gadgets but also the relationship, relationships, and more. In the past, so we struggled more, they did not give up so easily either. Now choose most often the easy way and the easy way's EXIT .... Same with all the technical

Train to Spain is now a swedish trio with the inclusion of Lars Netzel. Their sound is a combination of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Jonas and Helena have been involved with various aspects of music through the years and the combination of their forces brings forward some really top notch tunes.

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Nizzer ebb, Talk Talk, Lana Del Ray Depeche Mode / however, with many harmonies of great Synth