Roger Tell (Music & lyrics, keyboards, percussion & programming) - With a past as a member of the band 60 Degrees, club organizer for Gothenburg club Phobia, DJ and presenter of synth program Aniaraplatsen Roger has always had synth music in their vicinity.

Daniel Önnerby (Music & lyrics, keyboards & programming) - Has a history of the band Plastic Planet where he live gigs juggled with a midi saxophone.

John Andersson - Vogon Poetry conveys with Johns sue emotional songs that concern. John has a background in both The Voice and X-Factor. He sings whenever he gets chanson and it sounds really when he takes tons.

Life, the Universe and Everything, the third album by Vogon Poetry is a musical journey into the world of enthralling space adventures as well as winding paths down the corridors of the mind. Catchy melodies and clever lyrics combined with the voice of John sets the Vogon Poetry atmosphere and makes for a moment of pure electro pop pleasure. This is what Vogon Poetry is all about and we hope you will join the quest searching for the answer of Life, the Universe and Everything.On Life, the Universe and Everything you find SciFi inspired tracks such as The Heart of Gold (which is a natural followup to Hyperspace Bypass from The Prefect Stories), The Upside down, inspired by the fantastic TV-series Stranger Things & Dangers of Space, which is loosely based on a possible continuation of the movie Prometheus.You also find more serious topics on tracks such as Children of Mine and Tomorrow which both in their separate ways ask the question of what the future will bring us.Life, the Universe and Everything is a delicate electropop dish served with entangling melodies and the truly amazing voice of John Andersson. The Bandcamp version includes an exclusive remix of the track Tomorrow by Glenn Main.