Bernie Adam & Thierry Noritop


STEREO were created in 1982 as a two piece band by Thierry Noritop and Bernie Adam, both pop music writers and composers, already involved in projects like Bernie Adam and the band “The Sixties”, both interested in the newly found techniques offered by the first synthesizers.


Their first single “Somewhere in the night” was a minor hit that did pretty well in most of Europe, from Italy to the Northern Countries.


A second single was issued “No more”, again a minor hit.


Despite a very good quality standard, the album “Assembly line” received a mixed welcome, and they decided to call it a day.


Twenty years after, “Somewhere in the night” had become a highly sought after gem in the collectors’ world, especially the 12th that could change hands for 300 pounds a piece!


All along, there was a huge interest for the band on Internet.


A big buzz started, and that caught the attention of Veronica Vasicka ,a New York DJ specialized in reissue of rare albums and EPs, dedicated to cold wave music, with her label Minimal Wave Records.

She called the band and proposed to reissue the original album all along with the first single and a previously never released track that Thierry found on a DAT. The album was issued on CD, vinyl and digital, and received a very good welcome all over the world.


Thierry and Bernie decided to make a new album in Düsseldorf, and started working with a sound engineer, Ralf Beck, a friend of Veronica who previously worked with Kraftwerk and Propaganda, two major German bands that had international success.


Ralf has an amazing studio in Hilden, a small town near Düsseldorf, where he stocked an unbelievable collection of synths, including a rarity namely Kraftwerk’s original golden painted Mini Moog that was probably used on “Radio activity”, their biggest hit ever.


Preparing their work in Thierry’s home studio in Paris, and going regularly to Düsseldorf, the album built up slowly over more than 4 years until total completion in 2015. The CD version contains 8 original tracks, new versions of “Somewhere in the night” and “No more”,and three other bonus tracks, two remixes and one demo.


The vinyl version contains 8 tracks, new version of “Somewhere in the night” and one original track not issued on the CD.

The new album 'Back To Somewhere' is available to buy now. Check out the links below.



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