Members: JULES STRAW (Pinklogik) 
SIMON HAYWARD (Simple Minds / Lostboy AKA) 
We are now very close to completing our debut EP of original songs. The song writing has really snowballed resulting in over 20 tunes in various stages of development. Deciding on the first 4 tracks we will release is a tough call.
Fractured (which we teased in the attached video clip) will surely make the starting line up. Along with that, we are happily spoilt for choice.
Contenders from the tip of the iceberg include:

Static – an insanely catchy / poppy electro 80’s throw back.
Wipe The Slate Clean – a bitter deep rumbling track with a vintage Giorgio Moroder vibe.
SOS – heart wrenching lyric with anthemic chorus.
Don’t Start – cheeky synth top line over a dark pounding beat.
Tailgating – made today! We are excited about this one.
Dreaming – a delicate synth music box.
Broken People – an epic lullaby.
Alibi – kicking! That is all!!!
Falls Into Place - vintage nostalgia.
Small Truth – a Juno 106 and an 808…classic pop. Yeah!
Spacetrip – groovy and spacey.

We are not very good with deadlines…so EP1 will be ready when it’s ready, though hopefully we will update in the very near future with more concrete information.

Until then, thank you again for all your support.

Watch this space!

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