Hard Cell Records proudly present the long-awaited debut album from synthwave renegades, The Department, due for global release.
To be released 27th March 2015
After almost 2 years in the making, 'Alpha' has finally landed - a 13-track, all-killer-no-filler celebration of the inimitable sound of The Department. Inspired by classic electro and new wave, the band take us on an emotive ride through dramatic, instant, energetic electronic music with moving lyrics that explore life, love and existence.
Established in late 2012, The Department are a 2-piece synth band consisting of Rob Green on vocals and synth (London) and Magnus Lindström on synth (Gothenburg, Sweden).
Rob Green, the founding member of The Department, used to make progressive house records back in the mid-90's under several monikers. His records were supported by the likes of Pete Tong & Sasha, he has DJ'd in clubs such as The Hacienda and sold tens of thousands of records.
But when Rob's kitchen radio got stuck on an 80's music radio station in 2012, all the favourite
tunes of his youth slipped back under his skin. Samplers and glow sticks were soon replaced with
synthesizers and microphones and The Department was born!
They have played live at venues such as the legendary Romo Night club in Sweden, the 100 Club, Analogue Nights, The Hope & Anchor and The Macbeth, in London. They have played alongside bands such as Naked Lunch, The Woodentops, Ekkoes and Kids On Bridges, to fantastic reactions.

The band have enjoyed radio support from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music and have been featured in many music publications in the UK, Europe and the US.
The guys have recently filmed their wonderfully bizarre video to 'As If Transformed', the debut
single from The Department. A feast of sexy people and outlandish costumes, the video is a parody of glitzy cosmetics commercials and is also loosely based on the children's paper game 'Heads, Bodies & Tails', where you end up with crazy combinations of outfits and body parts. The video was produced by OneRedEye agency, shot at OneRedEye studios in London and directed by Ed Robinson. There is a special cameo appearance by Zeke Manyika - the drummer from early The The and Orange Juice and long-time friend of Rob's.
Rob was taught piano from age 6-10 and he harboured an obsession with synthesizers as a child. He soon gave up piano lessons in favour of a 'teach yourself guitar' book and a second hand electric axe, thus unlearning the restrictive disciplines derived from classical training. 
Rob is proud to say that he now can't read sheet music and has no recollection of the piano lessons, yet has the uncanny ability to create his own chords and write music by ear. 'I am fascinated by synthesis and how it is a blank canvas on which to create whatever is in your head,' says Rob. Song writing is Rob's first love and he adores the emotive quality of great heart-felt lyrics when combined with fascinating synth melodies and electronic beats.
Rob cites his main influences as being bands like The Cure, The Smiths, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, The The and New Order. 'Our supporters have compared us to many bands of the 80's,' says Rob, 'but if I was asked to describe us, I would say: 'imagine if The Smiths and The Cure were fused into a 2-piece electronic band – The Department is a little bit like that!''
Magnus Lindström is a newcomer to the band, from Sweden. He is also in a popular Swedish electro band called Mr. Jones Machine and has an arsenal of classic analogue synths in his
Gothenburg studio. Rob describes Lindström as 'a true synth guru' and is delighted with his new
band mate. 
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The Department are Rob Green (vocals and synths) & Magnus Lindström (synths)
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