ZeN : Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Soe V : Vocals, Keyboards
Live Additional Keyboards : People Theatre - ( Peter Rainman )
Waiting For Words is a collective built around the charismatic and multiskilled Zen. Each album is a new adventure as a boat on a cruise, embarking on board for longer or shorter trips, some talented artists. Waiting For Words may be compared to a modern and daring version of OMD Their music mixes cleverly rock, pop, new wave and electrodark structures, forming special and pleasant sounds. 
The prestigious carrier outside french borders is surprising : interviews with the BBC, unanimous positive reviews, rankings in the alternative charts in Europe and the USA, and touring in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland ... until a signature on the English label Foundry Records and an going collaboration with  Steve Prestage ( Japan, XTC, Peter Gabriel ) on mixing and production...
Waiting For Words matter has to impose itself through efficiency combining retro and futurism, ups and mid-tempo, a Pop style very strong and solid epic Electronics, with perfect voice, inspired by the syncopated melodies group like Depeche Mode or Camouflage
The sound is powerful, ubiquitous keyboards, catchy and pests electro sounds, choruses quickly memorized all accompanied by the singing of the charismatic ZeN.
On stage, Waiting For Words created a universe giving color and atmosphere to each title sometimes with video projections, sometimes images syntheses bringing a real atmosphere to the music.
In line with what our Anglo Saxon friends call "Performers" This group can achieve cross over with the "general public" by offering a real show that breaks the rigidity resulting too often in this style.

    WAITING FOR WORDS Press Release - March 3rd 2015

On March 24th, Waiting For Words will celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

On this occasion, the band will release their 6th studio album, "The Best Years Of Our Lives", on May 16th
More than just a simple covers collection, ZeN, SoE and, for the first time on the production of a full album with the duet,
Mr Peter Rainman ( People Theatre, Adan & Isle...) took ownership of those tracks to make a full revisitation "a la" Waiting For Words' touch.
"This is a project we're working on for more than a year and consider it as a real new album of the band." (ZeN)

Some special guests will also feature on this album! 1st of them being PSYCHE

Darrin is the vocal guest for a very nice duet wth ZeN on Yazoo's " Bring Your Love Down ". 

More guest names are to be announced later :)

PREORDERS are open NOW and will give access, on March 24th, to a Digital EP with 3 NON ALBUM exclusive tracks + a 2nd EP on April 24th + the digital version of the album 2 to 3 weeks prior to its physical release

And as usual...The buyers name the price! (min 15€) https://www.weezevent.com/waiting-For-Words-FR OR Paypal transfer tothe following account : management@waitingforwords.com
Already 2 tracks available in streaming (Radio Version edited) :
Vanishing Point : Cover from New Order (1989) : https://soundcloud.com/wfw-zen/vanishing-point-soundcloud
Let Me Go : Cover from Heaven 17 (1983) : https://soundcloud.com/wfw-zen/waiting-for-words-let-me-go-soundcloud-edit

Important detail : the album will be available EXCLUSIVELY on the band's online shop in CD or on their bandcamp for digital

"What other way to celebrate 25 years of independance by distributing this album on our own?" (ZeN)

And to make the party complete... Waiting For Words will hit the Parisian stage of LE BUS PALLADIUM, on Saturday May 16th, 9:00 PM, 2 years after their last show in the City of Light at La Scène Bastille.

On their side that night : the synthpop duet PULSE for support act, followed by YS ATLOV (with ZeN handling keyboards!) and after Waiting For Words' set (of course with Peter on keyboards), the famous DJ duet M@T & Golem XIII will hit the dance floor for a New Wave/Pop Rock DJ set...all of this for just 6 Euros (SIX)!