Dean started writing songs and poetry from about the age of ten. As he grew he got into music and started off on the guitar. After a brief spell he discovered the wonders of Synthesizers and bought his first monophonic synth in the early 80's. A Jen SX1000. Since then Dean has written and co-written hundereds of songs and been involved in bands such as  Japanese Whispers  and The Tower/Redshift. These bands are having their music re-released at present with singles and Albums from Dean,The Tower and Japanese Whispers all out on the many download stores, such as Itunes and Amazon.

After the disappointment of The Tower/Redshift finally splitting up on the brink of a recording contract, Dean left the music scene for a while until  someone, one day, suggested setting up 'The Tower' Website. With that, Dean began to get his interest back in writing again.  A chance meeting and conversation from a myspace friend, who used to watch the Tower live, resulted in a new writing team under the name of Weathered Wall. After buying lots of home studio equipment and software-synths, mikes etc and a few meetings with the new partner Simon, Dean started work on the team's first album. 'The History of Graffiti' was Weathered Wall's first album by Dean and Simon and includes other artists here and there like Julia and Nikola from Bosnia.Weathered Wall as Dean Burnett and Simon Watson Continued with another two Album's Titled 'Time' and 'Black Blood'. Simon Then Departed from Weathered Wall to follow His Photography, but remains closely linked with Dean and Weathered Wall. Dean Has since been Joined by Neil Fellowes who adds a whole new dimension to the writing and production of Weathered Wall Tracks as well as the promise of live performances. At present Dean is currently working with Neil on the fourth Album and new tracks for the future, as well as working in a collaboration group called The ElectronSun Project, with artists around the world
Neil is a classically-trained musician based in the East Anglian city of Norwich. Neil is a definite part of the U.K. electronic music scene, but is best known for his work as Geigertek, to date producing three albums of instrumental electronic music and one electronica E.P., all of which are signed to the AD Music label, with a fourth album due for release in late 2014. Neil has gained a lot of studio and music business experience as a result of his connections with AD Music, having collaborated with U.K. electronic music composer/performer David Wright, he was a keyboard player with the popular electronic rock group Code Indigo, he plays keyboards live for electronic music project Callisto, has released material with David Wright and Nigel Turner-Heffer under the guise of Trinity and also performs and releases material under his own name. Neil has a small studio known as the GTK Studio, where you can usually find him when he's not out indulging his other passion for photography. The GTK Studio is well equipped with both hardware and software instruments and effects, and it's first Weathered Wall output will be the 2014 release "Josephine". Neil will be bringing his studio experience and bad taste, totally inappropriate and VERY un-PC humour to the Weathered Wall table.